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Why do we need to recycle SF6 Gas?

Why do we need to recycle SF6?

1. SF6 is expensive;

2. SF6 is an important greenhouse gas with high global warming potential listed in the Kyoto Protocol, and its global warming potential is 22.800 times that of CO2;

3. SF6 - gas containing moisture will cause the following damage to electrical equipment:

(1) In the presence of water, the decomposition product SF6 undergoes hydrolysis reaction, which hinders the recombination of the decomposition product SF6, reduces the recoverability of the medium SF6, and thus reduces the insulation performance of the equipment;

(2) Improve hydrolysis of low fluoride and decomposition of metal fluoride. Fluorinated sulfite and hydrofluoric acid are highly toxic and harmful to human body. They also corrode electrodes and insulating materials.

(3) It can cause condensation in the equipment. Since the water in the gas exists in the form of water vapor, when the temperature drops, it will condense inside the equipment and adhere to the equipment surface, such as electrodes and insulators, which is easy to cause surface discharge (flashover) and cause accidents.

(4) Fluoride, sulfite and hydrofluoric acid in the atmosphere pollute the environment.

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