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The largest helium extraction project in China

On April 4, Inner Mongolia Yahai Energy BOG Helium extraction project's groundbreaking ceremony was held in Aolzhaoqi Town Comprehensive Industrial Park of Etok Front Banner, marking that the project has entered the substantive construction stage and will become the largest helium extraction base in China after completion.

It is understood that the helium extraction project is to extract helium from THE BOG gas generated in 600,000 tons of LIQUEFIED natural gas. The total investment of the project is 60 million yuan. The total design capacity of BOG is 1599m³/h, and the production of high-purity helium gas is about 69m³/h, with a total annual output of 55.2×104m³.

"Helium is an inert gas," Newradar reminds you. "It's extracted from natural gas, and if we don't innovate, if we don't extract it from natural gas, it's going to be wasted. Helium has huge implications in terms of resource utilization, environmental conservation, and so on."


Helium purification project has just been completed

As a non-renewable resource, helium gas is an important strategic rare gas related to national security and the development of high-tech industry. It is also called "gold gas". It is mainly used in low-temperature superconductivity, high-end equipment manufacturing, medical treatment and large-scale scientific engineering.

Helium extraction is the reuse of BOG resources. It is of great significance for the world to explore a new way to obtain helium resources and improve the economy of LNG plants. Meanwhile, it helps to break the dilemma of long-term dependence on import of helium, solve the problem of helium resource shortage, and provide guarantee for scientific research and industrial production.

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