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The great role of helium

1、 What is helium?

Helium is a chemical element. The chemical symbol is he. Its atomic number is 2. It is a colorless inert gas. It emits dark yellow light when discharging. At room temperature, it is a very light colorless, odorless and tasteless monatomic gas. Helium is the most difficult of all gases to liquefy, and it is the only substance that cannot be solidified under standard atmospheric pressure. The chemical properties of helium are very inactive, and it is difficult to react with other substances in general. Helium is the second most abundant element in the universe, accounting for 24% in the Milky way.

2、 Little helium has a great effect

1: Scientific equipment

◆ helium plays an important role in scientific equipment. Liquid helium and helium are used in many scientific equipment. Liquid helium plays an important role in scientific experiments.

2: Computer chips and optical fibers

◆ liquid helium can enhance the transmission effect in optical fiber, and helium is also used in computer chips.

3: MRI scan

◆ during MRI scanning, there will be a large magnetic field and the equipment will overheat. At this time, liquid helium is required for cooling.

4: Space field

◆ helium also plays an important role in the space field, which can effectively reduce the possibility of accidents in the rocket fuel tank. 5: Barcode scanner

◆ in daily life, the most common contact with helium is in supermarkets. Bar code scanners use helium neon lasers, also known as HeNe lasers, and their use is a 10:1 ratio of helium to neon gas. HeNe laser is not only cheap, but also has the effect of low energy consumption. It is also widely used in biomedical engineering, optical disk reading and microscopy.

6: Welding

◆ welding is also one of our common helium applications. About 23% of the world's helium supply is used for welding.

7: Leak check

◆ helium also has the function of leakage inspection. Scientists spray welds with helium. If there is a leak, helium will enter it, because of all elements, helium has the second smallest atom (hydrogen is small, but it is inert, which means it doesn't move). So helium can find really small leaks, which helps ensure that the tank and pipe are sealed.

8: Airship

helium is not only light, but also difficult to burn, so it is a good choice for application in airships.

9: Balloon

◆ fill the balloon with helium, mainly because helium is lighter than air, so the balloon can fly high into the air.

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