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How is helium leak detected?

In the equipment and plant, there are often some connecting parts such as pipes. There may be small holes at the sealing parts of these places that are difficult to detect by the naked eye. If you don't pay attention to them during use, it will lead to leakage and accidents. Especially in semiconductor devices, integrated circuits and other important electrical equipment and high-end instruments, good sealing can determine the normal use of the instrument, so leak detection is very important! There are various leak detection instruments on the market, and the most common carrier gases are nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, etc. Everyone must have heard of helium leak detection. How does helium leak detection work?

Helium is the second lighter inert gas than hydrogen. Helium will vertically diffuse upward in natural state, and helium is injected into the detected pipeline. If there is a leak in these equipment, we can detect helium outside the pipeline through the monitoring instrument. This is the method of helium leak detection in the pipeline.

How can helium leak detect some sophisticated and small electronic components? Put the element to be tested into a container filled with helium and pressurize it. Under the action of pressure, if there are leakage points in these elements, helium will inevitably enter the elements through these holes. After a small amount of residual helium on the element surface is purged with compressed air, the mass spectrometer is used to detect the leaked helium on the element surface. It should be noted that helium is expensive, and the cost of a helium leak detection is naturally not low.

How to detect the leakage of helium? Helium leak detection is to use the small helium molecules to easily enter the pores that are not detected by the naked eye, and the helium leaked from the pores can be detected by the monitoring instrument. During detection, the dew point of helium is detected to obtain the water content of helium, and then the impurities such as hydrogen, oxygen and C02 gas are calculated by chromatograph. There are two processes for helium leak detection, one is the back pressure method, the other is the vacuum box method.

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