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Where to get special gas?

Now the development of science and technology and the improvement of technology, about some of the advanced technology of manufacturing materials also known as more and more, in like a chip manufacturing industry, requires some of the more advanced materials, such as high purity silane, high purity nitrous oxide and ammonia ,neon gas electronic special gas is as semiconductor electronics industry such as application of a kind of special gas, has always been known as "blood" of the electronic industry, it is widely used in all kinds of semiconductor manufacturing process.

Electronic special gas

Electronic special gas has a very high requirement for gas quality, and most of our country still relies on imports. At present, some products in Our country have made breakthroughs, such as high purity silane, high purity ammonia, high purity nitrite, high purity CL2, high purity argonium and high purity germanane. However, there are some technical barriers that are hard to break through in the domestic electronics industry.

First, the technology of deep purification is difficult. Take silane as an example, there is a long way to purify the purity from 4N to 6N. In addition to solving the purification problem of common gaseous impurities, the metal elements should be purified to the level of 10-9 to 10-12. Second, packaging and storage can not keep up. The production and application of ultra-high purity gases require the use of high quality gas packaging storage and transportation containers, corresponding gas delivery pipelines, valves and interfaces to avoid the occurrence of secondary pollution. Third, the concept of analysis and testing is backward. The research and development of analytical detection technology in the field of electronic gas production and application are not paid enough attention in China.

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