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What is a standard gas?

In the industry, the standard gas generally refers to the standard mixed gas. A standard gas is a standard substance. Standard material is highly uniform, good stability and accurate determination of the standard value, they have the repetition, save, and basic function of the value, in the field of physics, chemistry, biology and engineering measure for calibration of measuring instruments and measurement process, the accuracy of the evaluation method of measurement and testing laboratory detection ability, determine the characteristic value of material or product, quantity values of arbitration and so on.

Standard gases are divided into binary, ternary and multivariate standard gases according to the group fraction. The accuracy of distribution is characterized by distribution tolerance and analysis tolerance. The preparation method may be gravimetric and then checked by chromatographic analysis, or transmitted according to the standard transfer procedure.

Large vinyl factories, synthetic ammonia plants and other petrochemical enterprises need dozens of pure gases and hundreds of standard multi-component mixtures for calibration and calibration of on-line analytical instruments used in the production process and for the analysis of raw materials and product quality during the start-up, shutdown and normal production of the plant.

Standard gases are also widely used in environmental monitoring, such as toxic organic matter measurement, automobile emission gas measurement, natural gas BTU measurement, LPG calibration standard, supercritical fluid process, etc.

The medical industry also USES a lot of standard gases, such as blood tests and lung function tests, and excimer laser gases are used in many operations.

Standard gases are usually prepared on demand and are generally prepared as is. The gas distribution process must also be carried out in accordance with a strict process. After each bottle of gas is prepared, it needs to be tested whether it meets the standard. A bottle of high quality standard gas needs time to be tested.

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