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Germane GeH4 Gas

Product nameGermane GeH4 Gas



Dot Class:2.2

Other Names:Germane

CAS NO:7782-65-2

Grade Standard:Electron Grade, Industrial Grade


The use of Germanane

Germanane is the general name of a series of germanium and hydrogen compounds with general formula genh2n + 2 molecular formula is geh4.

Germane is difficult to select and deal with the material of the equipment in the whole production process, especially the tightness of the reaction system and the treatment of tail gas. It is necessary to consider reducing the discharge of waste water and waste gas and strengthening the treatment. 

As one of the important sources of high purity germanium, germanane is mainly used in semiconductor, infrared technology and so on. The preparation of elemental germanium by germanane has the following advantages: germanane decomposition is carried out at a lower temperature, and has high production capacity and high yield. 

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