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Trifluoromethane CHF3 R23

Product nameTrifluoromethane CHF3 R23



Dot Class:2.2

Other Names:Trifluoromethane

CAS NO:75-46-7

Grade Standard: Electron Grade, Industrial Grade


Trifluoromethane chf3 is a colorless nonflammable gas. Trifluoromethane chf3 is shipped as a liquid under pressure. Trifluoromethane chf3 may be narcotic in high concentrations. Under prolonged exposure to fire or heat the containers may rupture violently and rocket. Trifluoromethane r23 is used as a refrigerant.

Trifluoromethane,r23, is chemically inert in many situations, but can react violently with strong reducing agents such as the very active metals and the active metals. They suffer oxidation with strong oxidizing agents and under extremes of temperature.Vapors may cause dizziness or asphyxiation without warning. Vapors from liquefied gas are initially heavier than air and spread along ground. Contact with gas or liquefied gas may cause burns, severe injury and/or frostbite. Fire may produce irritating, corrosive and/or toxic gases. Some may burn but none ignite readily. Containers may explode when heated. Ruptured cylinders may rocket.


Other names : Trifluoromethane
 MF:  CHF3
 Formula weight :  70.01
 Density:  1.246
 CAS No: 75-46-7
 EINECS No: 200-872-4
 UN No: UN1984
 Purity:  99.9%~99.999%
 Appearance:  Colorless

Where to buy trifluoromethane CHF3 R23 ?

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 Package Size: 12Ltr Cylinder 47Ltr Cylinder
 Filling Content/Cyl: 9KGS 30KGS
 Valve: QF-2 / CGA 580


CHF3 is used in the semiconductor industry in plasma etching of silicon oxide and silicon nitride. Known as R-23 or HFC-23, it was also a useful refrigerant, sometimes as a replacement for chlorotrifluoromethane (CFC-13) and is a byproduct of its manufacture.

When used as a fire suppressant, the fluoroform carries the DuPont trade name, FE-13. CHF3 is recommended for this application because of its low toxicity, its low reactivity, and its high density. HFC-23 has been used in the past as a replacement for Halon 1301 in fire suppression systems as a total flooding gaseous fire suppression agent.


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