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Carbon Tetrafluoride CF4 R14

Product nameCarbon Tetrafluoride CF4 R14



Dot Class:2.2

Other Names:Tetrafluoromethane,R14

CAS NO:75-73-0

Grade Standard: Electron Grade, Industrial Grade, Medicine Grade


Tetrafluoromethane, also known as carbon tetrafluoride, is the simplest fluorocarbon (CF4). It has a very high bond strength due to the nature of the carbon–fluorine bond. It can also be classified as a haloalkane or halomethane. Because of the multiple carbon–fluorine bonds, and the highest electronegativity of fluorine, the carbon in tetrafluoromethane has a significant positive partial charge which strengthens and shortens the four carbon–fluorine bonds by providing additional ionic character. Tetrafluoromethane is a potent greenhouse gas.


Tetrafluoromethane is sometimes used as a low temperature refrigerant. It is used in electronics microfabrication alone or in combination with oxygen as a plasma etchant for silicon, silicon dioxide, and silicon nitride. 

 Other names :

 Carbon tetraflouride

 MF:  CF4
 Formula weight :  88
 Density: 1.603g/cm3
 CAS No: 75-73-0
 EINECS No: 200-896-5
 UN No: UN1982
 Purity:  99.999%
 Appearance:  Colorless

COA of CF4 Gas:

 Specification 99.999%
 Oxygen+Argon ≤1ppm
 Nitrogen ≤4 ppm
 Moisture(H2O) ≤3 ppm
 HF ≤0.1 ppm
 CO ≤0.1 ppm
 CO2 ≤1 ppm
 SF6 ≤1 ppm
 Halocarbynes ≤1 ppm
 Total Impurities ≤10 ppm

 Package Size: 47Ltr Cylinder
 Filling Content/Cyl: 30kgs
 QTY Loaded in 20'Container: 200Cyls


1. Used in plasma etching process of various integrated circuits, also used as laser gas, used as coolant of cryogenic refrigerants, solvents, lubricants, insulating materials and infrared detector tubes.

2. The dosage in the microelectronics industry is the largest plasma etching gas, methane four fluorine high purity gas and four fluorine high purity, high purity oxygen mixture gas, methane can be widely used in silicon, silica, silicon, phosphorus silicon nitride thin film material such as glass and tungsten etching, in electronic components surface cleaning, the solar cell production, laser technology, cryogenic refrigeration, leak test, prin


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