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Hydrogen Chloride HCL

Product nameHydrogen Chloride HCL



Dot Class:2.2

Other Names:Hydrogen chloride gas

CAS NO:7647-01-0

Grade Standard:Industrial Grade,Medicine Grade,Electron Grade


Most hydrogen chloride is used in the production of hydrochloric acid. It is also an important reagent in other industrial chemical transformations.

Hydrogen chloride is mainly used to make dyes, fragrances, medicines, various chlorides and corrosion inhibitors.

 Package Size: 40Ltr Cylinder 50Ltr Cylinder
 Filling Content/Cyl: 25KG 30KG
 QTY Loaded in 20'Container: 240Cyls 200Cyls
 Cylinder Tare Weight: 52Kg 55Kg
 Value: CGA330


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