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Sulfur Dioxide  SO2

Product nameSulfur Dioxide SO2



Dot Class:2.3

Other Names:Sulfur dioxide gas

CAS NO:7446-9-5

Grade Standard:Industrial Grade,Medicine Grade,Electron Grade


Sulfur dioxide(sulphur dioxide) is a colorless, pungent poisonous gas.

1. Sulfur dioxide is easy to liquefy (boiling point is -10℃),

Soluble in water (1∶40) at room temperature and pressure, 1 volume of water can dissolve about 40 volume of sulfur dioxide.

It's denser than air.

2. Sulfur dioxide(sulphur dioxide) is usually compressed into a liquid state and transported in cylinders.

 Other names : Sulfur dioxide
 MF:  SO2
 Formula weight :  64.0638
 Density:  2.9275kg/Nm3 
 CAS No: 7446-09-5
 EINECS No: 231-195-2
 UN No: UN1079
 Purity:  99.9%
 Appearance:  Colorless

Precursor to sulfuric acid

Sulfur dioxide is an intermediate in the production of sulfuric acid, being converted to sulfur trioxide, and then to oleum, which is made into sulfuric acid. Sulfur dioxide for this purpose is made when sulfur combines with oxygen. The method of converting sulfur dioxide to sulfuric acid is called the contact process.

 Package Size: 400L Cylinder 800Ltr Cylinder
 Filling Content/Cyl: 490KGS 960KGS
 Cylinder Tare Weight: 280Kg 445Kg

COA of SO2 Gas:

 Inspection item unit Requirement Inspection result
 Product appearance / clear and colorless clear and colorless
 Product odor /odorless odorless
 Purity,%,≧ m/m 99.9 99.99
 Moisture,%,≦ m/m 0.006 0.0004
 Acidity (as HCL),≦ m/m 0.0001 <0.00001
 Evaporating residue,%≦ m/m 0.02 0.001

As a preservative

Sulfur dioxide is sometimes used as a preservative for dried apricots, dried figs, and other dried fruits owing to its antimicrobial properties, and it is sometimes calledE220 when used in this way. As a preservative, it maintains the colorful appearance of the fruit and prevents rotting. It is also added to sulfured molasses.


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