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Krypton Kr Gas

Product nameKrypton Kr Gas



Dot Class:2.2

Other Names:Krypton gas

CAS NO:7439-90-9

Grade Standard:Electron Grade,Industrial Grade,Medicine Grade


The Use of Krypton

Krypton gas , like the other noble gases, is used in lighting and photography. Krypton light has many spectral lines, and krypton plasma is useful in bright, high-powered gas lasers, each of which resonates and amplifies a single spectral line. Krypton fluoride also makes a useful laser.

Krypton's multiple emission lines make ionized krypton gas discharges appear whitish, which in turn makes krypton-based bulbs useful in photography as a brilliant white light source. Krypton is used in some photographic flashes for high speed photography. Krypton gas is also combined with other gases to make luminous signs that glow with a bright greenish-yellow light.

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