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Medical gases

Product nameMedical gases



Dot Class:2.2

Other Names:Medical gas mixture


Grade Standard:Medicine Grade


Product specifications

ApplicationsComponents and concentration rangeBalance gas
Blood examinationCO2 5-10%N2
CO2 5ppm O2 10-20%N2
Pulmonary function testCO 0.3% C2H2 0.3% CH4 0.3% O2 20.9%N2
CO 0.2-0.3% He 10% O2 20%N2
Excimer laser gasesF2 0.1-0.25% Ar 3-5%Ne
F2 0.1-0.2% Ar 1-3% He 2-3%Ne
F2 0.2-0.3% Ar 3-5% 9-11% He 20-30%Ne
Ar 5-8% He 2-4%Ne

ApplicationsComponents and concentration rangeCylinder spec.Filling weightNotes
Sterilizing gasesC2H4O 10% CO2 90%40L27KGUse of filling gas
C2H4O 11% CO2 80%
C2H4O 11% CCI3F 53% CCI2F2 36%
C2H4O 12% COCI2F88%

Package: 1-40 (L) in cylinder

Filling pressure: 9.5MPa

Components and concentration range can be prepared in accordance with customer requirements.

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