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Visx Excimer Laser Gas

Product nameVisx Excimer Laser Gas



Dot Class:2.2

Other Names: Excimer Laser Gas


Grade Standard: Electron Grade, Industrial Grade, Medicine Grade


Excimer gas mixtures consist of combinations of rare gases and halogen gases. Different mixtures will produce different wave lengths in the laser.We can supply:

0.1-1.0% Fluorine, 1.0-25% Argon, Balance Helium
0.2-0.5% Fluorine, 1.0-25% Krypton, Balance Helium
0.1-10% Hydrogen Chloride, Balance Helium
0.1-10% Hydrogen Chloride, 1.0-10% Xenon, Balance Argon
0.1-10% Hydrogen Chloride, 1.0-10% Xenon, 30-35% Helium, Balance Neon
0.2-10% Fluorine, Balance Helium

Visx excimer gas mixture:



Filling Pressure:1900psig

Here are parts of brand we supply Excimer Laser Gas Mixtures for Vision Correction - Lasik,such as:

We are a chinese manufacturer for excimer lasers,after working for over 12 years

 with the leading laser manufacturers as well as the pioneers of excimer laser applications, we have become chinese largest supplier of pure excimer laser gases, excimer laser gas mixtures.

Advantages of Newradar excimer laser premixed gas:

1)Use the highest level of purity of the raw material gas;

2)Precisely formulated with an automated gas premix system to effectively reduce the effects of human factors;

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