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Calibration Gas

Product nameCalibration Gas

MF:Calibration Gas


Dot Class:2.2

Other Names:Customize calibration gas

CAS NO:231-783-9

Grade Standard:Industrial Grade,Medicine Grade,Electron Grade


Calibration gases are industrial terms for gases. Concentration of standard material is uniform, good stability and accurate determination of the standard value, they have the repetition, save and basic function of the value, in physics, chemistry, biology and engineering survey in the field of measuring instruments used for calibration and measurement process, the accuracy of the evaluation method of measurement and testing laboratory detection ability, determine the characteristic value of material or product, quantity of arbitration and so on.



 Calibration gases

 Medical gases

 Petrochemical gases

 Gas appliance testing and thermal value analysis gases 

 Gas alarm gases

 Air separation measuring gases

 Traffic safety detection gases

 Vehicle exhaust detection gases

 Environmental monitoring gases

 Chemical fertilizer industry gases

 Steel industry gases

 Power & energy industry gases

 Common petrochemical gases

 Vacuum detection gases

 Package Size: 4Ltr Cylinder 8Ltr Cylinder
 Filling Content/Cyl: 800CBM 1600CBM
 QTY Loaded in 20'Container: 650Cyls 650Cyls
 Cylinder Tare Weight: 5Kg 8Kg
 Value: G5/8 / CGA580

1. Common calibration gases by use include: gas alarm calibration gas, power energy calibration gas, petrochemical calibration gas, environmental monitoring calibration gas, medical and health calibration gas, instrumentation calibration gas, etc.

2. Calibration gas can also be used for environmental monitoring, toxic organic matter measurement, automobile emission gas testing, natural gas BTU measurement, LPG calibration standard, supercritical fluid process, etc. 

Calibration gases are classified into binary, ternary and multivariate standard gases. The accuracy of the distribution is characterized by the distribution tolerance and the analysis tolerance. The standard of SE2MI valve allowance is more general, but each company has enterprise standard. The minimum concentration of components is 10, and the number of groups can be as many as 20. It can be prepared by gravimetric method and checked by chromatographic analysis, or by standard transfer procedure.

3. Large ethylene plants, ammonia plants and other petrochemical enterprises need dozens of kinds of pure gas and hundreds of kinds of multi-component standard mixtures for calibration and calibration of on-line analytical instruments and instruments for analyzing raw materials and product quality in the process of plant start-up, shutdown and n


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