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New company of Newradar Gas has been established

In order to meet the business needs of customers and the market, Wuhan Newradar Special Gas company announced the establishment of a new company, Wuhan Bestar Gas Co., Ltd which focuses on the development and service of isotope gas business.

Wuhan Bestar Gas Co., Ltd. is located at 22-1-819 Liantou Plaza, Daqiao New District, Jiangxia District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China Through The New Company (Wuhan Bestar Gas Co), WE will provide our Customers in China and overseas markets with more professional and comprehensive isotope supply and marketing and technical services to continuously create value for our customers and help them achieve business growth.

At the same time, the new company will also retain the original advantages of Newradar special gas products rare gas, special gas and various types of mixed gas overseas business development and sales.

The establishment of Wuhan Bestar Gas Co., Ltd has undoubtedly provided customers with more high-quality and abundant gas products, promoted and accelerated the popularization and development of isotope products in various application fields in China, and promoted the rapid growth of the overall business of Newradar Gas Co., Ltd. in the market.

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