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Maybe hydrogen be in homes in the future

With the development of hydrogen production technology and the lack of fossil energy, hydrogen energy will be used in homes, first of all in developed cities, it can be transported like city gas to thousands of homes through hydrogen pipes. Each customer uses metal hydride storage tanks to store hydrogen, which are then connected to the kitchen stove, bathroom, hydrogen refrigerator, air conditioner, etc., and connected to the car hydrogen charging equipment in the garage. People's lives depend on a hydrogen pipeline, which can replace gas, heating and even electricity lines, and even car stations are eliminated. Such a clean and convenient hydrogen energy system will create a comfortable living environment for people and reduce many miscellaneous affairs.

Domestic hydrogen generator

As a new energy, its security is widely concerned. Technically, hydrogen is perfectly safe to use. Hydrogen is highly diffuse in the air. When hydrogen leaks or burns, it can quickly rise vertically into the air and disappear without a trace. Hydrogen itself is not toxic and radioactive, and will not harm the human body, nor will it produce greenhouse effect. Scientists have done a number of safety tests to prove hydrogen is a safe fuel. As in automobile ignition test, containing hydrogen and natural gas fuel tank respectively, the results of hydrogen as a fuel in the car on fire, after intense burning of hydrogen, but always fire up, damaged the car slowly, the occupants have a long time to escape, and after natural fuel car is on fire, because the natural gas is heavier than air, the flame spread around the car, Soon surrounded the car, injury to the safety of the occupants.

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