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How much storage pressure in hydrogenation station

At present, the process flow mainly adopted in domestic hydrogenation stations is based on the storage and transportation of high-pressure gaseous hydrogen, which is mainly supplied by the station's long tube trailer. Process flow of high-pressure gaseous hydrogen storage and hydrogenation station for long tube trailer hydrogen supply.

The long tube trailer will transport 20MPa compressed hydrogen from the hydrogen production unit to the fixed station, and the hydrogen will be unloaded to the high-pressure hydrogen storage tank in the station through the compressor in the hydrogenation station. When the vehicle is hydrogenated, the hydrogen output from the long tube trailer or hydrogen storage tank will be filled into the on-board hydrogen storage bottle of the fuel cell vehicle through the hydrogenation machine.

hydrogen refueling station

At present, there are two pressure grades of vehicle hydrogen storage bottles widely used in the world: 35MPa and 70MPa. The highest design pressure level of hydrogenation station also needs to match the pressure level of on-board hydrogen storage of refueling vehicles. In addition to using long tube trailers as 20MPa mobile hydrogen storage facilities, the highest fixed hydrogen storage pressure in hydrogenation station of 35MPa hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is generally 45MPa. The highest fixed hydrogen storage pressure in the hydrogenation station of 70MPa hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is generally 90MPa.

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