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How expensive it is to transport hydrogen

In the case of small amount and scattered users, gas and hydrogen are usually transported on vehicles, ships and other transportation vehicles through hydrogen storage containers, and pipeline transportation is generally adopted when the amount is large. Liquid hydrogen transport multi-purpose vehicles and boats and other transport vehicles. Although there are many hydrogen transportation modes, from the perspective of development trend, China mainly adopts tube trailer, gas-hydrogen pipeline transportation and liquid hydrogen tank truck transportation.

Hydrogen transport by long tube trailer: when the transport distance is 50km, the transport cost of hydrogen is 5.43 yuan /kg. With the increase of the transport distance, the transport cost of long tube trailer increases gradually. When the distance is 500km, the transportation cost reaches 20.18 yuan /kg. Considering the economic problem, long tube trailer hydrogen transport is generally suitable for short distance transport within 200km.

Hydrogen transportation by pipeline: referring to the basic parameters of Jiyuan-Luoyang hydrogen pipeline, a hydrogen pipeline with a length of 25m and an annual transportation capacity of 104,400 tons can be calculated, and the price of hydrogen transportation is 0.86 yuan /kg. When the transportation distance is 100km, the cost of hydrogen transportation is 1.20 yuan /kg, which is only 1/5 of the cost of gas and hydrogen trailer at the same distance. Transporting hydrogen through pipeline is a reliable way to reduce the cost.

Hydrogen truck

The cost variation of liquid hydrogen tank car is not sensitive to distance. When the hydrogenation station is 50~500km away from the hydrogen source point, the transportation price of the liquid hydrogen tank increases slightly within the range of 13.51~14.01 yuan /kg.

By comparing the above calculation results, it is found that the cost of pipeline transportation is the lowest in the range of 0~1000km.

When the transportation distance is less than 250km, the transportation cost of the long tube trailer is lower than that of the liquid hydrogen tank, and when the transportation distance is more than 250km, the latter has a cost advantage.

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