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How can LNG gas be used safely

According to the calculation, when the proportion of hydrogen in natural gas is less than 23%, the high calorific value, Warburg number and combustion rate index of hydrogen-doped natural gas are all within the relevant technical requirements of 12T reference gas in urban gas classification, which can meet the interchangeability requirements of urban gas users.

LNG gas cylinders

Although through calculation, the proportion of natural gas hydrogenation is less than 23% to meet the requirements of the burner interchangeability, but still hydrogenation of natural gas should be considered if it is in long distance natural gas pipeline, suggest that hydrogen proportional control in 23%, specific also wants to comprehensively consider the problem of hydrogen partial pressure, hydrogen partial pressure should be less than 0.1 MPa, recommended maximum velocity should not be more than 10 m/s.

The active characteristics of hydrogen increase the risk of pipeline hydrogen embrittlement and hydrogen penetration, and put forward higher requirements for welding process; At the same time, the safety protection distance should be increased, safety monitoring facilities (especially hydrogen) should be added, and safety inspection should be strengthened.

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