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Recently, one gas technology has been accepted

Recently, Mr Wang and wang, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences dalian institute of chemical physics research and development team of volatile organic gas (VOCs) catalytic purification technology, in petrochina dushanzi petrochemical corporation ethylene process polyolefin plant organic exhaust gas catalytic purification process to complete two years of stable operation, the indicators meet the requirements of environmental protection, through the acceptance of the application unit.

VOCs emissions can cause direct or indirect harm to the human body. Catalytic combustion is one of the most effective terminal treatment technologies, but the VOCs components are diverse, the working conditions are complex, and the improvement of environmental emission standards also put forward higher requirements for the development of catalytic combustion technology and catalyst. To this end, Wang Sheng and Wang Shudong's team developed a broad-spectrum and specific combustion catalyst purification technology to achieve large-scale production of catalysts. The technology has been running steadily for 3 years in the process of catalytic purification of tail gas of printing and dyeing and coating.

Gas catalytic combustion equipment

This research is another successful application of the technology in the synthetic resin industry. The acceptance results show that the concentration of non-methane total hydrocarbon in the export tail gas of the purification device is low, which is better than the VOCs emission limit of China's petrochemical industry. In addition, the technology also has high operational flexibility, which can simultaneously meet the requirements of purification of exhaust gas during normal operation process and VOCs generated by the raw material tank area during maintenance.

At present, the VOCs catalytic purification technology has been promoted in 13 VOCs tail gas purification projects, and the catalyst performance has been widely verified.

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