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2025 gas market is expected to exceed $8 billion

Electron gas is widely used in ion implantation, etching, vapor deposition, doping and other processes in the manufacturing process of electronic products. It is known as the "food" and "source" of integrated circuits, LIQUID crystal panels, LED and photovoltaic materials. The performance of electronic semiconductor devices is closely related to the quality of electronic gas.

Market size and Structure: According to TechCET, the global electronic gas market will be valued at approximately $5.85 billion in 2020, of which electronic gas will be valued at $4.19 billion, accounting for 71.6%. Gas companies, led by linde group (including Praxair), Air Chemicals, Air Liquide and Acidin, account for more than 90% of the global market share for electronic specialty gases. Due to the special requirements of gas quality and supply in the semiconductor industry, the electronic gas used in the production process of Chinese semiconductor enterprises is also monopolized by overseas leaders. The global electronic gas market is expected to exceed us $8 billion by 2025, with a cagR of 6.5%, as the pandemic eases and the semiconductor industry driven by the energy and computing revolutions continues.

Special gas production plant

Industry barriers and current situation of domestic electronic gas: electronic gas has harsh requirements on gas source and supply system, which belongs to a typical technology-intensive industry. Technology, equipment qualification, customer certification, market services together constitute the four major industry barriers of electronic gas. Among them, gas purification and gas precision are the two major technical barriers of gas manufacturing. At present, China can only produce about 20% varieties of IC special gas, mainly focusing on IC cleaning, etching, lithography and other process, doping, deposition and other process of special gas only a few varieties have made a breakthrough.

Trend of China's electronic gas industry: Throughout the 100-year history of industrial gas, the purity of gas has been improved, the categories have increased, and the mergers and acquisitions of gas companies have been throughout. We believe that the five trends in the future of domestic special gas are category expansion, high-end breakthrough, clear professional division of labor, expansion of tail gas recovery, and accelerated integration of gas enterprises. For the current semiconductor upstream supply chain, domestic replacement has become the industry consensus, the current electronic gas localization rate is less than 15%, based on the independent controllable supply chain security, with the downstream Fab factory accelerated certification, we believe that the future localization rate will be significantly increased.

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