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Why can not hydrogen be stored in cylinders

Hydrogen is a kind of clean fuel, hydrogen energy is one of the future development prospects of new energy. Hydrogen utilization mainly includes production, storage, transportation and application of hydrogen, and hydrogen storage is the key. The lag in hydrogen storage technology has limited the use of hydrogen on a large scale, especially in vehicles. The latter requires a hydrogen storage capacity of 6.5wt% by weight. It is reported that 50 percent of all ENERGY Department hydrogen research funding goes to hydrogen storage. Hydrogen storage methods include high-pressure gas storage, cryogenic liquid storage and solid storage. The current large-scale method is high-pressure gas storage, where the compression pressure of hydrogen is between 200 and 350MPa. In recent years, 70MPa hydrogen storage has entered the demonstration and use stage.

Hydrogen cylinders

A new type of lightweight and pressure-resistant hydrogen storage vessel composed of carbon fiber composite material has a hydrogen storage pressure up to 70MPa. The pressure vessel is a thin-walled vessel composed of carbon fiber, glass, ceramic, etc. Its hydrogen storage method is simple, the cost is low, the mass fraction of hydrogen storage can reach 5% ~ 10%, and the composite hydrogen storage vessel does not need internal heat exchange device. Now we are studying lightweight materials that can withstand pressure of 80MPa, so that the volume density of hydrogen can reach 36kg/m3. But the main disadvantage of this kind of high-pressure hydrogen bottle is that it needs large volume and how to construct the ideal cylindrical shape. In addition, it is also necessary to solve the valve body and the container interface and rapid hydrogenation and other key technologies. Therefore, the high pressure compression hydrogen storage container needs further development. At the same time, due to the limitation of the density of hydrogen itself, the hydrogen storage capacity of the high-pressure compression hydrogen storage container is difficult to improve greatly.

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