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Preparation method of krypton gas

Krypton is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, inert gas about twice as heavy as air. Very inactive, does not burn and does not support combustion. The content of krypton in the air is very small, only 1.14ml of krypton per 1m3 of air.

At present, there are several methods of making krypton gas:

Krypton gas cylinders

1. Krypton and xenon mixture produced by the process of argon extraction from the tail gas of synthetic ammonia is extracted from the tail gas of synthetic ammonia, and then 99% krypton gas can be produced by distillation, washing, deoxygenation, adsorption and desorption.

2. air separation method, from the air separation device to extract krypton, xenon mixture. After the extraction of poor krypton, the removal of hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide, separation, 99.99% of pure krypton.

3. Extract krypton from fission gas of nuclear reactor and comprehensively utilize radioactive Kr85 in pyrolysis exhaust gas of nuclear reactor.

4. the industrial realization of freon solvent absorption method.

5. industrial fractionation of liquid air.

6. can be separated from the large air liquefaction separation tower, in the production of oxygen or nitrogen at the same time from the extracted fractions.

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