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Development and analysis of calibration gas

Nitrogen formaldehyde calibration gas

With the rapid development of China's industry today, the problem of environmental pollution has become increasingly prominent, especially the formaldehyde produced by interior decoration has more serious impact on people's physical and mental health. The accurate detection and strict control of formaldehyde gas has become an important subject related to the safety of people's livelihood. In this work, formaldehyde standard gas plays an indispensable important role, it is an important means to ensure the accuracy and consistency of measurement results. In addition, it also plays an important role in the calibration and calibration of measuring instruments, evaluation and analysis methods, product quality testing and production process safety monitoring and so on.

With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of environmental pollution gas control, the demand for formaldehyde standard gas also presents a gradual increase trend. But the domestic gas formaldehyde standard material business is very short, in order to comply with the economic development of Our country, to meet the needs of environmental protection, our company developed the production of formaldehyde in nitrogen standard gas and formaldehyde analysis method for research.

Development and analysis of calibration gas

In the process of development and production of formaldehyde standard gas, because there is no stable formaldehyde gas standard material, so that there is no numerical reference and comparison to the analysis of the establishment of our analysis method constitutes a great difficulty. We have consulted many methods, but the development process of the standard substance used to monitor formaldehyde gas is not too complex, or the accuracy of the method cannot meet the requirements. Therefore, we established other stable standard gas samples to quantify formaldehyde, to solve this problem. The specific method, the required environment and conditions, the formula used and the reference measurement results and comparative analysis results, and the peak area value shown in the spectrogram of instrumental analysis are all what we will focus on and discuss in detail next.

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