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How to fight compressed or liquefied gas fires

When liquefied gas is used as an industrial gas, it is generally stored in different containers or transported through pipelines. In case of fire, the following basic countermeasures should be taken:

Extinguishing gas fire should not be put out blindly, in the absence of plugging measures, must keep its stable combustion. Otherwise, the flammable gas leaked out and mixed with the air, the fire source explosion, the consequences can not be imagined.

The first thing to do is to put out the peripheral combustible fire ignited by the fire source, cut off the spread of the fire, control the burning range, and immediately rescue the injured and trapped people.

Liquefied gas fire

If there are pressure vessels in the fire or those threatened by flame radiant heat, those that can evacuate should be evacuated to a safe place under the cover of water and soil as far as possible.

If the gas pipeline is leaking and catching fire, try to find the gas source valve. Make sure the valve is intact, close the valve, and the flame will automatically die out.

Storage tank or pipeline leakage valve invalid, according to the fire to determine the gas pressure and the size and location of the leak, ready to the corresponding plugging materials (such as cork, rubber plug, gasbag plug, adhesive, elbow tools, etc.).

After the plugging work is ready, effective measures can be taken to put out the fire, the fire is put out, should be immediately with plugging material for plugging, at the same time with fog water dilution and disperse the leakage of industrial gas. If the leak is very large and cannot be plugged up, measures can be taken to cool the fire container and the surrounding containers and combustible materials, control the range of fire, until the gas burns out, the flame will automatically go out.

The on-site commander should pay close attention to all kinds of dangerous signs. Once the situation deteriorates, the commander must make accurate judgment and issue the withdrawal order in time.

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