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Principle of hydrogen absorption

1, hydrogen absorption do not rush to succeed.

The first use of hydrogen absorption machine is suggested to slowly increase from 15 minutes, and double the dose every 2-3 days (young people can quickly increase, the elderly as slowly as possible). If there is serious discomfort or chest tightness and dizziness in the process of increase, return to the original dose and concentration as soon as possible to adapt to a period of time. It is not recommended for those who are eager to see results in a short period of time.

2, the concentration of hydrogen absorption.

For those who suffer from various diseases and are very weak, we suggest that the flow of hydrogen inhalation should be controlled below 200 milliliters within 15 minutes (the original recommendation was 300 milliliters and 30 minutes, but it was found that many people still had severe reactions). The blood pressure should be measured before and after hydrogen inhalation. If the blood pressure increases after hydrogen inhalation, Or there is discomfort in the process or discomfort within 2 hours, simply do not absorb hydrogen for the time being, it is better to drink hydrogen water for conditioning for a period of time.

Hydrogen absorption

3, hydrogen absorption time

The longer the hydrogen absorption time, the better, this is our preliminary conclusion based on the results of the current experimental research, but this recommendation is for a variety of difficult diseases and severe patients, less absorption is a little useful? Yes, for health care and some chronic disease conditioning, 1-2 hours a day of hydrogen absorption can play a protective role in the body. Hydrogen absorption is a long-term approach, first of all, not for a long time at the beginning.

Most importantly! Not everyone needs a long time of hydrogen absorption, especially the elderly with atherosclerosis, vascular conditioning cycle is very long, if not for some life-saving diseases (belong to rigid needs, such as tumor, immune diseases, etc.), the first year of hydrogen absorption is generally recommended 1-2 hours a day can be!

4, Differences in hydrogen absorption

There may be such a phenomenon around us, some people buy a hydrogen suction machine, the body health has been significantly improved, while some people buy and use for a period of time, but no change, then will doubt the role of hydrogen. But it is important to understand that hydrogen varies from person to person, both because of their constitution and because of the timing of its application. Just like with a hydrogen foot bath, some people instantly feel very comfortable, some people don't feel out, but as long as you stick to it, you can feel the effect.

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