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How to extract noble gases?

Xenon, krypton noble gases, in the air in less than one part per million. A 40-litre bottle of xenon gas, which costs more than a car, is called "gas gold".

How to extract noble gases

It is reported that the noble gases mainly consist of helium, neon, argon, krypton and xenon, accounting for 0.94% of the air volume. Most of them are argon, while the content of other gases is very small, such as the content of xenon is only 0.08 parts per million.

Noble gases are widely used. They emit light of different colors after being energized. They are widely used in lighting, such as xenon gas in car headlights and neon gas in traffic indicators. It can also be used in aerospace plasma engine, laser, low temperature superconductivity and nuclear industry, etc.

Noble gases

According to introducing, the principle is very simple, the main use of the characteristics of different gas boiling point, "through the air compressor pressure, the use of gas expansion refrigeration and throttling refrigeration characteristics, the temperature dropped to minus 172 ℃ to 192 ℃ below zero between, make the air into a liquid, then condensation and evaporation, repeatedly in different temperature, different compounds was isolated. For example, when the temperature drops to about -182℃, oxygen goes from gas to liquid and is separated from liquid air. Gases such as krypton xenon are generally present in liquid oxygen and require further cryogenic distillation separation ".

Where to buy noble gases?

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