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Method of making ammonia gas

Industrial method:

1.Brown's three towers and three waste POTS ammonia synthesis ring

Brown three tower three waste pot ammonia synthesis ring is composed of 3 synthetic towers and 3 waste POTS. There are catalyst baskets inside the tower, and the gas flows upward from the bottom through the gap between the shell and the basket body, and then flows through the catalyst bed in the axial direction from top to bottom. The amount of catalyst in the three towers was more than that in the two towers, and the ammonia content in the final outlet could be increased from 16.5% to more than 21%, which reduced the amount of circulating gas and saved the circulating compression work. The control system of the tower is very simple. Each tower is equipped with bypass valves to regulate the temperature of gas entering the tower. Due to the limitation of ammonia synthesis reaction equilibrium, the catalyst temperature is determined, and there is no need to adjust the catalyst bed reaction temperature.

2.Wood two towers, three beds and two waste pans ammonia synthesis ringsWood two towers three beds two waste POTS ammonia synthesis ring using two smaller towers, three catalyst beds, two towers behind each connected with a waste pot. This structure makes the reaction temperature distribution very close to the optimal reaction temperature, with low gas circulation and pressure drop, less investment and energy consumption, and more by-product high-pressure steam.

Ammonia tank

Laboratory method:

Nitrides can be reacted with water or decomposed with azides. 

Such as:

   Li3N + 3H2O = 3LiOH + NH3↑

Heat the concentrated ammonia

Reaction principle: NH3·H2O =△= NH3↑+H2O.

This method is generally used for rapid ammonia production in the laboratory.

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