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NF3:The largest market segment for electronic gas


Nitrogen trifluoride (NF3), as a kind of special gas containing fluorine, is the electronic special gas product with the largest market capacity. It is chemically inert at room temperature, more active than oxygen, more stable than fluorine at high temperature, and easy to handle.


Nitrogen Trifluoride(NF3)

 Nitrogen trifluoride is mainly used as plasma etching gas and reaction chamber cleaner, suitable for semiconductor chip, flat panel display, optical fiber, photovoltaic cells and other manufacturing fields.


 Compared to other electronic gases containing fluorine, nitrogen trifluoride has the advantage of fast response, high efficiency, especially in the silicon-based materials such as silicon nitride etching, has high etching rate and selectivity, the etched surface without leaving any residue, is also a very good cleaning agent, and on the surface of no pollution, can satisfy the demand of nc machining process.

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