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Scope of application for standard gases

Standard material is uniform concentration degree, good stability and accurate determination of the standard value, they have the repetition, save and basic function of the value, in physics, chemistry, biology and engineering survey in the field of measuring instruments used for calibration and measurement process, the accuracy of the evaluation method of measurement and testing laboratory detection ability, determine the characteristic value of material or product, Conduct quantum-value arbitration, etc. The main scope of application is as follows:

Marine calibration gas

1. Used for quality control of gas products

2. used for instrument verification and calibration

3. Used for monitoring atmospheric environmental pollution

4. Used for medical and health care and clinical laboratory tests

5. Used for building and home environment monitoring

6. Establish the traceability of measurement

7. ensure that the measurement results are accurate and consistent

8. Transfer the quantity value

9. Promote the development of measurement technology and quality supervision

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