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Five advantages of LNG

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is recognized as a clean energy, which does not pollute the environment. With the improvement of our attention to environmental protection, it has been used more and more widely. Its storage and transportation are very convenient, can improve the environmental pollution problem to a certain extent, it will have a broader market development space in the future. Today, let's take a look at the advantages of LNG:

Liquefied natural gas plant

1. There is basically no pollution after natural gas combustion;

2. The safety of LNG is fully guaranteed based on the strict implementation of a series of international standards during the design, construction and production process;

3. As an energy source for power generation, natural gas is conducive to peak regulation, safe operation and optimization of the power grid, as well as improvement of the power structure;

4. As urban energy, natural gas can greatly improve the stability, safety and economy of gas supply.

5. Liquefied natural gas has been promoted and applied in many cities and also started to be promoted and used in the automobile industry. As the main automobile fuel, it saves a lot of fuel oil and a lot of fossil energy. The use of liquefied natural gas as the power of vehicles has received good results, in terms of safety is also very secure, so it is worth promoting vigorously.

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