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Standard gases for medical and health use

The standard gas for medical treatment has a broad application prospect, so it is of great significance to develop and develop the standard gas for medical treatment and health at the right time. The application fields of standard gases for medical and health care can be roughly divided into six aspects: diagnosis, treatment, anesthesia, clinical trials, cryogenic storage and instrument disinfection.

Standard gas is the gas standard material, because the standard gas has a certain period of validity, so the stability of the standard gas is the key problem in the preparation and use of the process.

It is well known that an important condition for standard gases in high pressure vessels (cylinders) is that the quantity should not change during storage and use. In fact, when the component gas or impure substance in the standard gas contacts with the inner wall of the container, it often causes adsorption, desorption, chemical reaction and other phenomena, and makes its quantity change over time. When the content is lower and the composition is more complex, the change will be greater.

Production of medical standard gas

The validity period of standard gas is determined according to the results of stability experiment. Generally, the validity period that can guarantee the standard value is set as half a year to one year. When the pressure of the standard gas is reduced, the various constituent gases adsorbed on the inner wall of the container will be desorbed and their concentration values will change. Therefore, it is generally stipulated that when the residual pressure of the standard gas in high pressure cylinders is lower than 0.1MPa, the use should be stopped.

Standard gas stability, as long as attention is paid to the selection and pretreatment of the container in the preparation process, the user can use the standard gas according to the requirements stipulated by the standard substance, the standard gas is stable within the validity period, the user can rest assured to use.

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