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What is the Dewars

The basic introduction of Dewar bottle:

Dewar bottle, also called thermos bottle, thermos flask. DEWARS is an ideal container and tool for liquid gas storage, cryogenic research and crystal element protection.

It has been known since ancient Rome that a double-layered container would keep you warm. In the ruins of Pompeii, a double container was dug out.

The modern Dewar bottle was invented by Scottish physicist and chemist Sir James Dewar. In 1892, Dewar ordered Glass to blow Berg into a special glass bottle. This is a double glass container, two glass walls are coated with silver, and then the air between the two walls is removed to create a vacuum. Two layers of silver on the wall can prevent radiation heat, vacuum can prevent convection and conduction heat, so filled in the bottle of liquid, the temperature is not easy to change. Later, Berg made a nickel shell to protect the fragile glass jar. At first, the dewar was used only in laboratories, hospitals and on expeditions, and later on picnics and train rides. In 1925, cheap plastic thermos bottles began to be sold by the masses.

At the same time, the storage of liquid gases in the laboratory also requires a similar vacuum insulated container. Dewar invented the metal dewar bottle for storing liquid oxygen in 1906. A 110,000 litre metal container designed for rail transport evaporates at a rate of about 0.1 percent per day for liquid oxygen and 0.8 percent for liquid hydrogen.

Glass Dewars:

Dewar flask is an ideal container and tool for liquid gas storage, low temperature research and crystal element protection

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