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Basic knowledge and application of standard gases

Standard gas source gas industry term. Standard material is uniform concentration degree, good stability and accurate determination of the standard value, they have the repetition, save and basic function of the value, in physics, chemistry, biology and engineering survey in the field of measuring instruments used for calibration and measurement process, the accuracy of the evaluation method of measurement and testing laboratory detection ability, determine the characteristic value of material or product, Conduct quantum-value arbitration, etc.

Standard gases are divided into binary, ternary and multivariate standard gases.

Calibrate the gas and its packaging

Application field

1) Common standard gases by use include: gas alarm standard gas, power and energy standard gas, petrochemical standard gas, environmental monitoring standard gas, medical and health standard gas, instrument and meter standard gas, etc.

2) Standard gas can also be used for environmental monitoring, toxic organic matter measurement, automobile emission gas testing, natural gas BTU measurement, liquefied petroleum gas calibration standard, supercritical fluid process, etc. Standard gas can be divided into binary, ternary and multivariate standard gases according to the gas group fraction. Distribution accuracy is characterized by distribution allowance and analysis allowance. The more common SE2MI gas allowance standard, but all companies have enterprise standards. The lowest concentration of components is 10, and the group fractions can be as many as 20 species. The preparation method can be gravimetric method, followed by chromatographic analysis, or according to the standard transfer procedure.

3) Large ethylene plants, synthetic ammonia plants and other petrochemical enterprises need dozens of pure gases and hundreds of multi-component standard mixes during the start-up, shutdown and normal production process to calibrate and calibrate the on-line analytical instruments used in the production process and the instruments for analyzing the quality of raw materials and products.

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