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Application of laser mixture

H2 Near N2 Co2 Kr Fx Co HCl equilibrium gas He-Ne laser mixture

1. 2.0-8.3 He is used as carbon dioxide laser mixture in industrial production, scientific research and national defense construction

2. 0.4 13.5 13.0 8.0 6.0 16.0 8-124.5 7.0 8.0 8.0 16.0 6-8 2.0 4.0 4 He He He He He He is mainly used in laser processing, cutting, welding and drilling of metals and ceramics, as well as in medical laser surgery and other kryptonic-fluorine laser mixtures

3.  510 1-1.2 He He is used in the fields of protective film exposure and chemical reactions. Storage manufacturing in SLATE printing has begun using krypton fluoride lasers to seal a beam of laser mixture

4. 18.532.5H2 as a hermetically sealed laser excimer laser mixture for research purposes

5. 5 0.2 5Ar He He Ar excimer lasers are used in medical surgery

The packaging of excimer lasers 

The MEL 80 is a top quality our product, designed to make the correction of vision defects even safer, more patient-friendly and individual. All the parameters of this ultramodern work platform are oriented towards increasing efficiency, achieving optimum treatment results and the rapid recovery of vision. Key factors here are the extremely fast ablation, customized treatment planning with the optional CRS-Master, the high-performance eyetracker system and the "Eye Registration" torsion compensation system.

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