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The manufacture of high purity oxygen

High purity oxygen in widely used in industry, many people will not understand what is the difference between high purity oxygen with ordinary industrial oxygen, distinguishes between the simple purity, high purity oxygen after some purification methods can obtain the needed

Most commercial oxygen is prepared by air separation, while pure oxygen is a purified product of ordinary industrial oxygen or distillate oxygen. The composition of impurities in ordinary industrial or distillate oxygen is complicated because the air is not particularly clean to begin with, so the amount of nitrogen, inert gases and hydrocarbon impurities is high.

Oxygen cylinders come in different sizes

How is high purity oxygen obtained

The most traditional industrial method of producing pure oxygen is cryogenic distillation, which is why I added refrigeration. At present, a lot of professional literature on the preparation of high purity oxygen is published in the refrigeration field journals. The advantage of low temperature rectification production of high purity oxygen is that the quality of the product is very stable, industrial production, a set of equipment product purity basically will not change too much.

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