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Hydrogen chloride in synthetic thermal energy

Hydrogen chloride gas is an important inorganic chemical raw material, widely used in dye, medicine, food, printing and dyeing, leather, metallurgy and other industries, the following is to introduce the two methods of synthetic heat energy utilization of hydrogen chloride gas:

1. In the waste heat utilization technology of hydrogen chloride gas synthesis, the by-product medium pressure steam synthesis furnace uses steel water-cooled hearth in the high temperature section; In synthetic susceptible to corrosion of the steel section at the top and bottom, made of graphite materials using this method not only overcomes the low graphite furnace tube strength and the use of temperature restricted faults, and overcome the synthesis section at the top and bottom is easy to corrosion defects, so that the hydrogen chloride synthesis of thermal energy utilization ratio to 70%, the by-product steam pressure can be adjusted between 0.2 ~ 1400000 mpa, can be incorporated into the medium and low pressure steam network, make full use of the heat.

Hydrogen chloride synthesis furnace

2. For the utilization of heat energy in the synthesis of hydrogen chloride gas, there are mainly two methods in China: one is the use of steel water jacket hydrogen chloride synthesis furnace by-product hot water. This steel synthesis furnace is susceptible to corrosion at the top and bottom of the furnace, with short service life and limited application range of by-product hot water.

3. the other is the use of graphite made of hydrogen chloride synthesis furnace by-product hot water or 0.2 ~ 0.3 MPa pressure steam, because graphite is a non-metallic brittle material, not only there are certain safety risks, and by-product of hot water or low pressure steam heat energy can only reach 40%, the application range is also limited

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