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Oxidation of hydrogen chloride

Chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) is a polymer material made by random chlorination of ethylene. Because the molecule contains both chlorinated chain segment and non-chlorinated chain segment, CPE has both elasticity and plasticity.It is mainly used as the main material of rubber products and the modifier and additive of rubber and plastic materials. The thermal stability of CPE is emphasized because of its easy thermal degradation and hydrogen chloride release at high temperature.

Some oxidation reactions of hydrogen chloride

The reaction - dehydration coupling technology was applied to the oxidation of hydrogen chloride, and the simulation technology of reaction - dehydration coupling was studied.

In the process of continuous oxidation of hydrogen chloride, increasing the dehydration process can effectively improve the reaction conversion of hydrogen chloride. The results show that increasing the temperature of the secondary oxidation reaction can significantly increase the conversion of hydrogen chloride, the total conversion of hydrogen chloride can reach 49.3%, and the volume content of oxygen in the reaction mixture is less than 0.2%. The mixture can be used directly in organochlorination process.

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