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Emergency treatment of HCl gas leakage

Hydrogen chloride may leak in the process of production, transportation and storage. Once hydrogen chloride leaks, it will not only cause pollution to the environment, but also cause harm to human body. Today Yanhe will share with you the emergency treatment of hydrogen chloride leakage:

Emergency action: according to the affected area of gas diffusion, the warning area shall be delimited, and irrelevant personnel shall be evacuated to the safety area from crosswind and upwind. Emergency personnel are advised to wear positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus, acid and alkali resistant clothing and rubber acid and alkali resistant gloves. Do not touch or cross the spill. Cut off the source of leakage as much as possible. Prevent gas from diffusing through sewers, ventilation systems and restricted Spaces. Spray ammonia or other dilute lye to neutralize and dilute, construct embankment or dig pit to receive the waste water produced. Isolate the leak area until the gas dissipates.

Hydrogen chloride gas leaks out

However, once people come into contact with the leakage of hydrogen chloride or inhalation of hydrogen chloride gas, should be timely and accurate to make the first aid treatment of the injured, and send to the hospital for treatment. This is a very important point, hope that the major manufacturers and staff should pay attention to.

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