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How to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

The effective ways to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in daily life mainly include:

1, pay attention to indoor ventilation. Winter uses gas time longer, easy to make indoor oxygen is insufficient, should open door window to undertake ventilation in time, especially the user that uses gas water heater must maintain indoor ventilation is good, make indoor air circulation, increase indoor air supply, avoid anoxia causes personnel to harm an accident. No one can live in a kitchen with gas.

2, pay attention to check the hose. The hose is easy to age, crack, twist or damage for a long time. It should be checked and replaced frequently to prevent gas leakage.

3, pay attention to the ignition and turn off the fire. When using an electronic stove to ignite, be sure to leave after the fire, so as not to run gas. Use artificial ignition stove, must do "fire and so on gas", must not "gas and so on fire". Once did not light, want to quickly close the stove switch, avoid by all means deflate first, after ignition. When turning off the fire, the knob must be closed "in place", that is, the knob is turned to the vertical spring inside the spring. If not "in place", the knob is not played, although the flame has been extinguished, but there is still a small amount of gas out, which is also a great safety risk.

4. Pay attention to installation. The installation of natural gas facilities and gas appliances shall be carried out by units with appropriate qualifications to ensure safety. It is strictly prohibited to add, refit or dismantle fuel gas facilities and appliances without authorization. Water heaters must not be installed in bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, etc., and must be equipped with flue or mandatory smoke extraction.

The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning

5, pay attention to gas leakage and fire inspection. When using natural gas, someone should take care of it. When boiling water, cooking milk and porridge, utensils should not be too full to prevent the overflow of the fire from leaking. After running out of gas, we must close the cooker switch and valve in time. Close the kitchen door and open the kitchen window before going to bed. If you smell the smell of rotten eggs, there is likely to be a natural gas leak, at this time do not operate the home electrical switch and call, but not to use open fire, to close the valve in time, open doors and Windows for ventilation, and quickly leave the scene for repair. In the room with gas facilities, it is forbidden to place firewood, cotton, fuel oil, explosion (gunpowder) and other flammable and explosive products, otherwise once the gas leakage will easily cause fire and explosion accident.

6. Pay attention to fire fighting and poisoning rescue. If there is a natural gas fire, you should immediately try to put out the initial fire, if not put out, then immediately go to the outdoor call "119" fire number. Once found that someone gas poisoning, do not panic, the correct approach is: open doors and Windows ventilation, quickly will be poisoned or asphyxiated personnel moved to the ventilated place, but also pay attention to the poisoning personnel warm in winter.

7. Pay attention to the number of years for judging waste of gas appliances. According to the National Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and the Standardization Administration jointly issued in November 2008 "household gas combustion appliance safety management rules" provisions: gas water heater and gas cooker sentenced to waste years of 8 years. Gas appliances over the service life will be damaged to different degrees in performance, there are serious safety risks, the use of expired, should be replaced immediately.

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