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Purification of carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is the basic raw material of carbon chemistry. In order to meet the development requirements of acetic acid industry, plastics industry (TDI, MDI, polycarbonate, etc.) and pesticide industry, the preparation and purification technology of carbon monoxide has been improved and developed continuously. Coke carbon monoxide technology mainly coke pure oxygen gas and coke pure oxygen carbon dioxide gas. At present, the coke pure oxygen CO2 continuous gas production technology is recommended for carbon monoxide devices above 1000Nm3/h.

Coke pure oxygen carbon dioxide continuous production of carbon monoxide process

With coke, oxygen, carbon dioxide as raw materials, through oxidation, reduction reaction to produce carbon monoxide. High-concentration carbon monoxide product gas is produced by the steps of cooling and dust removal, compression, desulfurization, pressure swing-adsorption decarbonization and deoxygenation.

1, gas: coke as raw material, pure oxygen, carbon dioxide as gasification agent in the CO gas producer countercurrent contact, oxidation, reduction reaction occurs, coarse gas by cyclone dust removal, waste heat boiler heat recovery, into the washing tower water cooling dust removal, into the gas cabinet.

2. Purification: the outlet gas of the gas holder enters the desulfurization tank after being pressurized by the blower. The sulfur in the crude gas is removed to meet the technological requirements, and then enters the PSA process after being pressurized by the compressor.

3, PSA: coarse Ⅰ removal most of the CO2 gas into the PSA, semi-finished gas after DNA into the PSA Ⅱ, removing the remaining CO2 gas output out qualified products. PSA Ⅰ analytical gas as raw materials for the CO2 recycling, PSA Ⅱ analytical gas vent directly.

Coke pure oxygen carbon dioxide technology characteristics of carbon monoxide

1, The gas generator is automatic feeding, continuous gasification, non-stop furnace intermittent slag discharge, high level of automation control, smooth operation. The furnace body adopts the structure of fire-resistant heat insulation layer with water jacket, which can reduce the by-product steam as far as possible to ensure the heat for reduction reaction. The special grate has many functions such as evenly distributing gas, breaking slag and discharging slag, and the amount of carbon residue of ash and slag is very low. The furnace structure is simple and the failure rate is low. Reliable valves are used to ensure that the gas in the furnace will not leak out of the automatic coaling device.

2. Recycle and utilize CO2 desorption from PSA device as raw gas, turn waste into treasure and reduce raw material consumption

3, the washing tower adopts efficient packing, good washing effect, no blocking tower; The bottom of the tower adopts a special structure to ensure that the bottom of the tower water seal does not leak.

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