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Small helium gas as a huge role (Part Ⅰ)

What is helium?

     Helium is a chemical element, and its chemical symbol is He. It has an atomic number of 2. It is a colorless inert gas that emits a deep yellow light when it is discharged. At room temperature, it is a very light colorless, odorless, tasteless, monatomic gas. Helium, the most difficult of all gases to liquefy, is the only substance that cannot solidify at standard atmospheric pressure. Helium's chemistry is so inert that it's hard to react with other substances in its general state. Helium is the second most abundant element in the universe, accounting for 24 percent of the Milky Way.

Small helium gas as a huge role

1: Scientific equipment

      ◆ Helium plays an important role in scientific equipment. Liquid helium and helium are used in many scientific equipment, and liquid helium plays an important role in scientific experiments.

2: Computer chips and fiber optics

      ◆ Liquid helium is used to enhance transmission in optical fibers and is also used in computer chips.

3: MRI scan

      ◆ In MRI scanning, a large magnetic field will appear, which will lead to overheating of the equipment. In this case, liquid helium is needed for cooling.

4. In space

      ◆ Helium still plays an important role in the space field, which can effectively reduce the possibility of accidents in the rocket fuel tank.

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Small helium gas as a huge role (Part Ⅱ)

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