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Sulfur dioxide (SO2) calibration gas

Sulfur dioxide (SO2) calibration gas is mainly used in the quality control of petrochemical products, environmental pollutants detection, automobile exhaust emission detection, various factory exhaust detection, mine alarm calibration, traffic safety testing instrument calibration, chemical fertilizer industry instrument calibration, etc.

Sulfur dioxide calibration gas also refers to sulfur dioxide calibration gas (SO2), oxygen sulfide calibration gas, sulfur dioxide in nitrogen, its representative product is 10-50 PPM sulfur dioxide, nitrogen equilibrium gas; 50-2000 PPM sulfur dioxide, air balance gas; 2000ppm- percentage level, prepared according to customer demand. Multi - component standard gases including 2 ~ 20 components such as sulfur dioxide can be prepared.

The production of sulfur dioxide (SO2) calibration gas by Wuhan Newradar Special Gas Company has been widely recognized in the industry, and its production has reached the domestic advanced level. Relying on the technical force, Wuhan Newradar has continuously developed excellent and excellent technology to meet customer needs. In the market economy environment, Wuhan Newradar constantly enterprising, pragmatic, seize the opportunity to implement innovative development.

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