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What is a quad laser mixture?

One of the important characteristics of gas laser, the laser operation material is a mixture of gas or a single pure gas, therefore, there is a special requirement for the purity of the laser mixture component, the cylinder packaging the mixture, must also be dried before filling, to avoid contamination of the mixture.

If the helium (He) neon (Ne) laser as the first generation of gas laser, carbon dioxide laser gas mixture is the second generation of gas laser, in the semiconductor manufacturing category will be a large number of use of krypton fluoride (KrF) laser, can be called the third generation of laser.

Laser cutting a longer range of use of carbon dioxide laser gas mix, where carbon dioxide is the dominant gas to produce the laser effect. Carbon dioxide laser mixed gas now exists thick cutting line, rough edges, and the thickness of cutting steel plate is very limited, generally around 10mm.

At present, the best plan of quadrangle laser gas mixture is: CO:4%,CO2:8%,He:28%,N2:60%. This four-element laser gas mixture can reach the maximum output power of the two-dimensional laser cutting machine tool, and the maximum thickness of the cutting plate reaches 25mm, but also can better ensure the quality of the workpiece.

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