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Oxygen gas regulator

Oxygen gas regulator relief valve is usually a pressure relief device for bottled gas. When the inlet pressure and outlet flow rate change, to ensure that its outlet pressure is always stable, oxygen gas pressure reducer in the process of use should pay attention to what matters?

(1) Notes for discharging or opening of oxygen cylinders:

The oxygen cylinder must be deflated or the pressure reducer must be opened slowly. If the valve is opened too fast, the temperature of the gas in the working part of the pressure-relief device is greatly increased due to the adiabatic compression, which may make the parts made of organic materials such as rubber packing, rubber film fibrous gasket on fire and burn out, and can make the pressure-relief device completely burn out.

(2) Matters needing attention during loading and unloading of the pressure-relief device and working

When loading and unloading the pressure-relief device, it is necessary to take care to prevent the pipe connector thread slipping teeth, so as to avoid the release of loose screw assembly. In the process of work must pay attention to observe the pressure of the pressure gauge. Stop working should first loosen the pressure regulating screw of the pressure reducer, then close the oxygen cylinder valve, and the pressure reducer in the gas slowly out, in this way, can protect the spring and decompression valve from damage. Remove the pressure reducer from the cylinder after work and store it properly.

(3) Matters needing attention before installation of the pressure-relief device and when opening the cylinder valve

Before installing the unloader, slightly tap the bottle valve and blow out dirt to prevent dust and moisture from entering the unloader. When opening the cylinder valve, the cylinder valve outlet should not be aimed at the operator or others to prevent the high-pressure gas from bursting out suddenly and injuring people. The connection between the air outlet of the pressure-relief device and the gas rubber pipe must be tightened with the fireproof iron wire or clamp; Prevent the risk of detach after venting.

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