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There may be plenty of hydrogen beneath the ocean

Hydrogen can provide a clean alternative fuel, but it is not without problems. Now, hydrogen usually comes from another source of energy. Currently, 95% of the hydrogen used in the United States comes from natural gas reforming, which includes the use of high-temperature steam. But a new study by researchers at The Nicholas College of Duke University in the United States says hydrogen has been found in abundance in serpentine rocks formed by the movement of earth's plates. Serpentine rocks, named for their skin-like surfaces, form when seawater meets peridotite in the mantle, releasing molecules of hydrogen.

Researchers at Duke University believe that large amounts of hydrogen could be formed below the ocean floor in quantities an order of magnitude higher than widely accepted. If further research confirms its accuracy and judgment, so the human can collect these hydrogen as alternative energy of oil, greatly promote the hydrogen energy vehicles industry, at the same time can understand hydrogen in support of the role of planet of life without the sun, and the research on other planets similar to the environment of the possibility of life.

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