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Neon lamp how it shines

Neon principle in an airtight glass tube, filled with neon, helium, argon and other gases, on both ends of the tube is equipped with two metal electrodes, usually made of copper electrode, the electrode lead plugged into a power supply circuit, with a high voltage transformer, the 10 ~ 15 kv voltage on the electrode. Due to the gas tube is made of the countless molecules, a neutral molecules and atoms. Under normal conditions in the role of high voltage, small amounts of free electrons from the anode movement, sharp free electrons accelerated motion of gas molecules, make the gas inside the conductive, a colour glow (also called rainbow light). The principle of neon light emitting light colors used gas and tube and tube Color related; Neon principles Neon gas in a light yellow tube gives off a golden light, and a clear, colorless tube gives off a yellowish white light. To produce different colors of light, a neon light USES many different colored tubes or fills a neon tube with different gases.

Incandescent lamp is converts electrical energy into light energy, to provide lighting equipment, its working principle is: the current through the filament, tungsten wire, the melting point is more than 3000 degrees Celsius) to generate heat, spiral filament heat accumulation ceaselessly, make the filament temperature above 2000 degrees Celsius, the filament in is in a state of incandescent, like burning red iron can shine, shine forth. The higher the temperature of the filament, the brighter the light. It is called incandescent bulbs.

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