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Liquid ammonia refrigerant

Liquid ammonia is a liquid formed after ammonia gas is cooled or pressurized. It is volatile and has strong corrosive and pungent smell. Liquid ammonia is widely used in various fields, including pharmaceutical, pesticide and fertilizer, refrigeration and preservation. Liquid ammonia is also often used as an industrial refrigerant because it can absorb large amounts during gasification. But besides, other chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons and carbon dioxide can also be used as high-quality refrigerants. Why is liquid ammonia more popular among modern people?

When the American company dupont developed CFC (Chlorofluorocarbons) in 1931, they were considered harmless and stable compared with all other refrigerants because the effects of releasing large quantities of refrigerants into the environment could not be foreseen. Also, CFCS were widely promoted as safer refrigerants, accelerating market demand and acceptance and making them increasingly familiar man-made chemicals. The wide spread of CFCS makes ammonia refrigerant feel heavy pressure, but it still does not affect the position of ammonia application in large industrial equipment and food preservation.

Starting in the 1980s, it became increasingly clear that CFCS could be harmful substances contributing to the destruction of the ozone layer and contributing to accelerated global warming, eventually leading to the Montreal Agreement (1989) in which almost all the participating countries agreed that CFCS must be phased out within a specified time limit.

Given that everyone is getting more and more aware of and chlorofluorocarbons CFCS (CFC/as) emissions to the atmosphere may cause the destruction of the ozone layer and the seriousness of global warming, respectively, in the "Montreal protocol"/Britain (1990), (1992)/Copenhagen and (1998 / Kyoto, Japan) required to speed up out the revised plan, CFCS and chlorofluorocarbons must also be phased out, and by the European first began. Many countries in Europe have stopped using hydrochlorofluorocarbon refrigerants (HCFC) and are considering other effective and safe natural alternatives such as ammonia and carbon dioxide.

For environmental protection, energy efficiency, safety, better heat conduction and cost, people are more interested in using liquid ammonia as the main refrigerant for industrial refrigeration.

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