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Where can I get 15N stable isotope?

There are two basic classes of 15N STABLE ISOTOPE LABELED COMPOUNDS: 15N labeled inorganic compound and 15N labeled organic compounds.

15N Labeled Inorganic Compound (& GT; 0.366 ~ 99.xxatom%) single Isotopic labeling: (15NH4)2SO4,15NH4NO3, NH415NO3,15N2 double tags: 15NH415NO3,15N218O

15N Labeled Organic Compounds (& GT; 0.366 ~ 99.xatom%)(15NH2)2CO and 15N labeled amino acids can be used to synthesize organic compounds by synthetic reactions in animals, plants or microorganisms.

Where can I get 15N stable isotope? Newradar ISOTOPE SERVICE CONCEPT: committed to stable isotope gas and reagents and other products, has the right to import and export, through the procurement of foreign high-quality isotope products, divided into a variety of gas bags, cylinders and other packaging. Also can customize a variety of specifications of the same element mixed products containing gas, liquid, solid) to meet different customer needs.

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